I vote we change it from meme to Mimi, okay?  Okay.

Five Things I Wish Were In My Freezer

Hazelnut gelato from that place down the street in Bologna.  Yogurt container upon yogurt container of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries (I’m a frutti di bosco kind of girl).  Gin.  An unending supply of chocolate chips.  That elusive meal to pack for lunch that’s never around when I need it.

Five Things That Shouldn’t Be In My Wardrobe
Those worn at the knees, too small corduroys.  The shoes a size too big (why?)  The slips that belonged to my great-grandmother.  The over-the-top leather coat that belonged to my grandmother (on the other side) that I never wear but can’t bear to part with.  The not-so-white anymore embroidered sleeveless top.

Five Things I Hate About My Car

The CD player that stopped working.  The twang in the bass when it’s turned up.  The fact that it requires gasoline.  The dust I’m too lazy to get rid of.  The fac that I was nine when it was born.

Five Things I Should Throw Out Of My Handbag/Backpack/Wallet

The phone cards that are probably expired.  My alumni card (will I ever really need it?)  The practically empty chapstick.  The credit card I never ever use.   The receipts (I do this every couple days, but seem to breed during the night).

Five Things I Don’t Want To Admit Are In My Bathroom

I actually just cleaned everything out.  So I guess I’m left with the frighteningly powerful drain unclogger, which is sadly necessary on occasion.  I suppose I do have an unnecessarily large collection of contact lens cases (some with ancient contacts still inside, I’m sure).  Then there’s the mold in the grout, but that’s the landlord’s fault because he did the grout himself and it’s a half-assed job.