Goodbye, Autumn ’07 quarter.  Helloooo, Christmas break.   As of, um, 10 minutes ago when I turned in my last paper.

I keep thinking I’ll get sick of listening to my new Josh Ritter CD, but it’s been quite a while and I still haven’t.  It’s led to a lot of silly dances around the house, and songs stuck in my head, and music playing loudly.  If I were bothering to run lately, I would be running to several of these songs.   So, go listen.

I’m way behind on blabbing about and reviewing the books I’m reading, but since I’ve actually been focused on school the past couple weeks, I’ve been reading surprisingly little.  I finished up Mal Peet’s Tamar, probably in one of those late-night spurts of reading where you’ve hit the Point of No Return and the suspense will kill you if you wait till the next day to finish up.  History, suspense, intrigue, betrayal, secrets, wonderfully flawed characters.  It’s young adult, technically, but enough of the characters are adults that I think it could easily go either way, if the idea of a YA label bothers you.  Excellent stuff.

I also whipped through Laurie Halse Anderson’s Twisted, one of the titles off the mock Printz list.  Fast-paced, intense, and interesting, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Part-Time Indian or The Wednesday Wars in my heart.  Basically, any title on the mock list would have to wow me more than those two to have a chance of my vote.  Right now I’m towards the beginning of A Swift Pure Cry, and it’s promising.  Now that I’m FREE I can devote myself to reading (and that massive to-do list I concocted last week.  Plus my brother has requested more books for Christmas (you’d think he was trying to bribe me into doing something by telling me to pick out books for him – if it weren’t for cost I could create a library that would take over his dorm room, my head is simply swarming with ideas) so I’ve got to narrow down my options).

Off to update my Goodreads