Taken from Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast, the list of seven good things on a Sunday.

  1. Rain – it’s better at getting up early to water the garden than I am.
  2. Warm doughnuts from the farmer’s market.
  3. Little Miss M was one yesterday. Hard to believe.
  4. Multiple invasions of personal bubble at church (are these people blind?) redeemed by barely surpressed laughter with Annie as we both called the next invader.
  5. First live storytelling better than hoped. So much easier than repeating it over and over to myself.
  6. Not only did the kids sit and listen nicely, one asked if I was going to teach Sunday School again next year. I take that as a compliment on either 1) mad storytelling skills 2) letting them get away with more than the current teachers or 3) beautifully improvised lesson plans. Ahem.
  7. Reading The New Policeman (Kate Thompson) is the perfect antidote to a Saturday spent doing homework. Five stars. Recommended for anyone who feels like they don’t have enough time. I think time slowed down a little while I read it. Also good for fans of Summerland, Irish mythology and folktales, and music. Delicious.