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Our newly painted chairs are so good I could eat them.

Me: “I know I had things I was going to blog about.”
Kate: “Sitting in your car at work listening to your book on tape?”
M: “But that’s not interesting.
K: “You subjected me to it.”

Currently, Kate and I are sitting on our red couch. She’s knitting, I’m reading her blog, commenting, writing my blog, she’s telling me comments she’s going to make after I post…it’s a very dynamic relationship that our blogs have with each other. Sometimes, we have more blog-interaction than in person interaction.

Last week a family from church came into the library. Their oldest boy, E, is about 4 or 5. I’ve been over to their house but never really gotten to know the kids. His dad sent him over to ask me his question, so I guided him to the dinosaur books and left him to go to town pulling them off the shelf. Then he comes over and asks “can I take them home?” And I say “well, it’s okay with me! But maybe you should ask your dad.” And then before they leave he says goodbye. At church yesterday he spotted me (a librarian! outside of the library?) and said to his dad, “there’s the library girl!”

That’s my new name, if anyone needs to get in touch. Library Girl. Sounds a little bit like a super hero, doesn’t it? I come to the rescue! With the perfect book! “Oh no! The books are out of order. What should we do? Call Library Girl!” Etc.

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